Family Law

We deal with the process of separation on a daily basis and understand this can be a most traumatic and uncertain time. We understand the difference it makes when a client has been properly informed of likely outcomes throughout their family law matter.
In addition to this, we provide pre-nuptial and de facto contracts for those who wish to put in place a formal agreement for the peace of mind of both parties.

Our specialties lie in:

Pre-nuptial and de facto contracts

There is an increasing demand within our society for partners in a relationship to establish clear guidelines on the distribution of assets they had prior to the beginning of the relationship and that are accrued during the relationship.
These types of agreements are not only available to couples contemplating marriage, but also to people in or entering into de facto relationships, including Same Sex de facto relationships. These agreements are known as Binding Financial Agreements and are only binding if they strictly comply with the requirements of the Family Law Act. We can assist you with independent legal advice about the agreement and ensure a fair outcome for all parties.

Divorce and separation

While the actual legal process for applying for a divorce is relatively straightforward, and you may believe you don’t need a divorce lawyer, there are a number of statutory requirements that need to be met. Our divorce lawyers make sure your application is in the right form, appropriately signed and witnessed, with the right affidavits and certificates.

Child custody

When it comes to the issue of child custody and welfare, we understand and we know how difficult it can be to arrive at an agreement that will suit the parties and most importantly benefit the children.

The Family Law Act is explicit in stating that the care and welfare of children is of paramount concern. The Act states both parents have parental responsibility for the children of the marriage. It is not relevant with whom the children live, as long as they are being properly cared for and their needs are being met.

In a hostile breakdown of a marriage where children are involved, children sometimes become the target of that animosity. It is often this issue which is most difficult to resolve following a marriage breakdown.

Property settlements

We are highly experienced in property matters, and can provide valuable assistance in determining how income, financial resources and debts are divided between you and your former partner.

These decisions are important not only after divorce, but also if you are separated or are considering separating. These decisions are complex and stressful, and short-term arrangements can have long-term consequences. Let us help you to reach the best possible long-term outcomes.