Rose Kluve



    BA/LLB(Hons) (University of Queensland and Adelaide University)
    Post Graduate Diploma in Communications (2 subjects to complete degree)
    Attorney, Solicitor and Proctor, Supreme Court of NSW
    Legal Practitioner, High Court of Australia
    Certified Master Practitioner (American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming)
    Certified Trainer Neuro Linguistic & Neuro Semantics (Global NLP Trainers’ Alliance)
    Certified Master Practitioner Time Line Process (American Time Line Therapy Board)
    Certified Practitioner Ayurvedic Medicine (Metagenics)
    Certified Meta Coach (International Society of Neuro Semantics)
    Licensed Real Estate Agent (NSW) and Licensed Stock and Station Agent (NSW)


Rose Kluvé has over 30 years experience as a corporate and commercial lawyer, legislative policy specialist, legislator and regulator, Ministerial Adviser, Special Adviser to Government on Companies and Securities Laws, Strategic Broker packaging major infrastructure, Business and Executive Coach, Property Investor/Developer and Real Estate and Stock and Station Agent, Primary Producer and Social, Conscious and Eco Entrepreneur at large.

Rose Kluvé graduated in 1974/75 with BA/LLB(Hons) (having studied at Queensland and Adelaide Universities) and was admitted as an Attorney, Solicitor and Proctor of the Supreme Court of NSW and Legal Practitioner of the High Court of Australia.   She also has other qualifications in the health and behavioural sciences areas as well as being a Real Estate Agent and Stock and Station Agent.

She commenced her legal career in private practice in the areas of commercial, property law and litigation.   She then joined the NSW Corporate Affairs Commission, became Director Securities (approving (or not) all major investment schemes and takeovers in New South Wales) and later Director Legislative Policy (responsible for the formulation of corporations law and was one of the NSW Advisers involved in setting up the Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) and transferring the corporations power to the Federal Government).  She was also Special Adviser to the NSW Attorney General on Companies and Securities and the Acting Director of the Ministerial Council Secretariat for Companies and Securities providing corporate and securities advice to all the Attorneys General of Australia.    She also undertook a 6 months secondment as Director Special Investigations, Major Frauds for the Corporate Affairs Commission working closely with the Federal Police, the Commonwealth Secretariat, Interpol and the US Securities Exchange Commission on major corporate fraud and fraudulent investment schemes.

Once the corporations power was transferred to the Commonwealth, she joined the Business Deregulation Unit as its Principal Solicitor and worked closely with the Parliamentary Review Committee, New South Wales and the Chairman of the NSW Legislative Council, Sir Peter Phillips, and undertook a number of industry reviews including commercial and retail tenancies.     Subsequently, she became the Lawyer for the Department of State and Economic Development (NSW) (now Trade and Investment) and in that position provided legal advice to the Department, the Director General and Co-ordinator General of NSW, the Minister for State and Economic Development, Directors and officers of the Department on a daily basis and at times Cabinet Office.  In that role she was also in contact with AUSTRADE and NSW Trade Offices in approximately 61 countries around the world as well as being the NSW representative on the Australian Industry Development Council (AIDC) and the NSW officer responding to International Treaties working closely with the Office of the Premier, the Premier’s Department, Cabinet Office and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Canberra.

She left the Public Service in 1994 to help found and position The Linden Group, a boutique private sector consultancy packaging major infrastructure in Australia and Asia and helping the private sector do business with Government.  She left the Linden Group in 1999 to further her own projects (and has continued to undertake projects with the Linden Group from time to time).

Rose is a social, conscious and eco entrepreneur who believes in sustainable development and contributing back to society.  She is a member of 2 international social enterprise organizations – The University of Ethics and Economics (the originator of ethics in business) and XL (Extraordinary Lives).  Prior to this she was for many years a member of the St James Ethics Centre, Sydney.

As a practising lawyer within Suffolk Law she focuses on corporate, commercial, property and advisory work.  She also does worthwhile pro bono work in addition to her paid work. Until recently she was on the External Advisory Board of the Chapel by the Sea, Bondi Beach (a progressive ministry and an arts, cultural and wellness hub for the local community of Bondi Beach) to help the Chapel better deliver the various programmes of the Chapel ranging from arts, cultural, ecological, social justice, wellness, wellbeing, and wholeness in addition to the established ministries.

She is also a licensed real estate agent and licensed stock and station agent with her own agency, East Coast Property Marketing. She has bought, renovated and sold houses and done various subdivisions including obtaining Development Approval for a Seniors Development (for over 55s).  As a conscious eco entrepreneur and primary producer she is involved in sustainable primary production and rural enterprises and has obtained a Mineral Water Licence and Development Approval to build a water bottling facility on her property in the Southern Highlands.  She has other enterprises planned for her property including a truffiere and an eco retreat/farmstay.  She is passionate about good water, conservation and wildlife and is working towards establishing a private foundation for forest conservation (“Forests for LIfe”  and wildlife preservation (“Paws & Claws”).   She is a member of Wildlife Rescue, South Coast.

As a Trainer in Neuro-Linguistics and NeuroSemantics and other advanced change modalities, she is an Excellence Coach helping people get what they want and get rid of what they don’t want in their life and business and to be “on purpose” and lead a more fulfilling and happier life.