Premium Law Associates

Suffolk-Law is an association of independent law firms in Australia. The group, currently comprising of 4 law firms with 4 offices in NSW, QLD and WA and 8 professionals, continues to grow year-on-year and expand its presence to major centers across Australia.
The group was founded by Paul Van Dyk in response to an identified need of law firms to strategically position themselves for the future and access the economies of scale of a national group with national visibility and brand awareness. Membership provides firms with a range of benefits ranging from vital support services, marketing infrastructure and strategic partnerships that create value, cost savings and business opportunities for firms.


Group firms are each dynamic and prominent law firms in their respective regions and subscribe to the group values of quality, service delivery, and training and development.
The group brand has also grown strongly since its establishment and has obtained recognition as a brand in the legal profession. The group brand is a complimentary brand to that of individual firms and strengthens the firm brand by adding differentiation and referencing the value and quality components of the group and the cascading benefits it holds for clients serviced by group firms.
Group members pool their resources and expertise to foster a national service directory and network of firms and professionals that can assist clients across Australia.
Although not contractually required of any firm, strong relationships and referral networks are naturally fomented between member firms, providing additional benefit to member firms.